2001 - 2005

Mercedes Benz S55

Apx. Weight
4500 lbs.
Drive Type
Rear wheel drive
Towing Management Software

Tower Tip: "Air/Hydraulic Suspension Warning": USE WHEEL STRAPS OR Ensure that the air /hydraulic suspension is turned off if vehicle is equipped so." Check the owner’s manual for instructions.

Front Wheel Lift
Rear Wheel Lift


Automatic Door Lock Warning": Doors may lock if the ignition is left in the ON position."Eye Bolt Attachment Notice": The manufacturer specifies use of an auxiliary attachment point for vehicle loading. Check owners manual for location & specifications.Caution: All Mercedes vehicles should be towed with the ignition switch in the unlocked off position. If the ignition switch is not properly set, some Mercedes vehicles brakes may apply during towing. Vehicle steering must be secured with a steering lock devise designed for towing applications.


Front Tow Limits MPH Miles
Automatic 30 30
Manual NA NA

Rear Tow Limits MPH Miles
Automatic Unl Unl
Manual NA NA



Wheel/Nylon Straps

R-Hook or T-Hook



Jacking Point

Lien & Mail
Fleet Tracking

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