TowSpec FAQs

General Information:

I cannot find the car that I am looking for. What do I do?

Broaden your search by adding less detail. If you only know the model of the vehicle but not the make, just enter the model. If you still cannot find the vehicle, send us the year, make, model and style, and we can try to locate the towing instructions. Send the request to for additional information.

When I try to save the towing instructions to my computer, none of the images are being displayed.

Make sure to change the "Save as type" option on the Save As dialog box to "Web Page, complete" to ensure all image files are saved in addition to the html file.

My company only has one email address, can everyone login with the same account information?

Yes. Although we do recommend users create their own accounts when possible.

Corrections and Comments:

Where do I report an error or omission in the towing information provided?

Please send an email to

I have additional towing information on a particular vehicle that would be useful to everyone. Where can I send the information?

Please send an email to We will be adding a tower’s comments section to each vehicle. You information will be displayed there.

I have a great idea on how to improve Where can I send the idea?

Please send and email to

Advertiser information:

How do I advertise on TOWSPEC.COM?

Please contact for advertising information and rates.