2003 - 2005

Chevrolet Corvette

Apx. Weight
Drive Type
Rear wheel drive
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Tower Tip: To release Locked Steering Wheel on Running Vehicle: Get into vehicle & shut door. Start vehicle, drive vehicle forward or backward a short distance. Put transmission back into the Park position. Shake steering wheel hard to left and then hard to right. Turn vehicle off and then restart. Steering should then release. If steering does not function repeat the above procedure. Transport vehicle to dealer to be checked. Caution: Delicate Vehicle, Use extreme Caution!!! Extra caution must be taken over rough roads and bumps to prevent damage to vehicle!!!



Cannot be Towed! Bridle-Oil Pan Warning: Do not use a bridle that would allow a turnbuckle or hook to contact the oil pan. Bridle should be at least 40" or longer. Use 4 point tiedown & remove bridle from under vehicle prior to transport. "Ground Clearance Warning": Vehicle may require dollies or extra ramping for safe towing or loading.


Front Tow Limits MPH Miles
Automatic No No
Manual No No

Rear Tow Limits MPH Miles
Automatic No No
Manual No No






Jacking Point

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